Support Tools

Help is in your hands.

Take advantage of additional resources to customize or learn more about your software, or to trouble-shoot problems. In addition, choose the service plan that fits your organization the best.


Got a technical question? Need implementation instructions? Want to change a display screen? It’s all there, and more, in ProCyclopedia, the comprehensive on-line resource for ProShip. As an SPSI customer, you get exclusive access to this one-stop compendium to all things ProShip. Chances are the information or help you’re looking for is immediately available in ProCylopedia, without your having to search further. The full ProShip suite is covered, including Server, Velocity, and Office, as well as ProShip utilities.

ProCyclopedia also provides detailed specifications for all the carriers with which ProShip is compliant. When carriers issue new regulations, they’re posted in ProCyclopedia. In addition, authorized users can access the ProShip training libraries for qualification standards and study materials.

Live Help

We know how crucial it is to keep your systems running. That’s why SPSI offers yet another way of getting the help you need: Live Help. It gives you two choices: Remote Desktop Sharing or the Trouble Ticket System.

Remote Desktop Sharing enables our support staff to assist you by viewing an image of your screen and understanding the exact problem. It’s kept secure by a support connection key you establish and must enter.

The Trouble Ticket System allows you to submit a detailed support request, which will be handled promptly by an SPSI software engineer. Your Trouble Ticket will also be supervised by our customer advocate to ensure that needed assistance is expedited.

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