Customer Outreach

Customer support is more than a concept—it’s a commitment.

We believe that supporting our customers goes beyond a single contact at our client organization. We’re committed to understanding that your networking operations affect other departments and divisions within your organization and the impact of what we do has a direct link to what they do—from Information Systems, to Customer Service, to Accounting, to Legal.

Our commitment to customer service is based on three principles:

  1. Customer relationships are important.
  2. Communication is key in our customer relationships.
  3. Cooperation is the bridge to the end-to-end customer experience.

Customer. Our view of the customer is centered around the many layers of who “the customer” is. Supporting our customers means we support all the entities that make up “the customer.” Your employees, your customers, and your brand are important to us. Your shipping operations are one part of a larger whole that must be operational, efficient, and cost effective at all times in order for you to be successful with your customers. We protect your brand by providing you with the best products, the best service processes and solutions, and best customer service.

Communication. Communication is key in any relationship, and we believe that communicating effectively and professionally with your organization helps to keep your operations flowing seamlessly. Our communication elements are based in reactive responses and proactive inquiries.

Reactive: When service issues do arise, you will be able to speak immediately with a support representative. Our support lines are open 24/7, and calls are answered live during business hours. Your service issues are immediately routed to your Managed Services team for response. Your Team stays in continuous contact with you during the initiation of your service issue through the close-the-loop process in which the service issue is closed when you—the customer—say it’s closed. We monitor all the activities performed in the resolution of your issue, and have escalation tiers in place in order to provide you with the best support assistance immediately.

Reporting: Through our online ticket system, we log, monitor, and track each of your service issues, and report on a number of KPIs internally related to our support service. Our network monitoring system offers summary reporting regarding the reliability and availability of your system.

Proactive: Communicating directly with you on a regular basis ensures that we are aware of and exceeding your expectations. We utilize a variety of venues to stay in touch with our customers from telephone contact, newsletters, carrier and software information updates, onsite visits, and customer satisfaction surveys. The adage that perception is reality” drives our proactive stance because we want to continuously garner feedback and input from our customers and take the necessary steps to maintain your trust and confidence in us.

Cooperation. Our commitment to our customers and how we communicate is also based on levels of cooperation that function internally and externally. Your Managed Services Team is made up of a dedicated Manager, System Engineers, software and hardware specialists, business administrators, and our service partners. This expansive and experienced team offers our customers the best possible solutions and service in the supply chain industry.

SPSI Contact Information


Telephone: 414-302-2929

Support personnel are available Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (CST). Customers who have a 24 x 7 NetWatch plan can call our main number after-hours and access their premium support extension for live support.


Telephone: 414-302-2929

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