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If it can’t improve your logistics,
it doesn’t make our list.

The enterprise shipping systems SPSI recommends and installs have all been thoroughly vetted by our internal staff of shipping professionals and IT specialists to deliver improved performance throughout your supply chain. The components that we’ve carefully selected will help you; automate warehousing and shipping tasks and deploy personnel efficiently; interface seamlessly with your business systems; accommodate rules specific to your company; handle medium to high parcel volumes of all kinds, including hazardous materials; allow for customization; offer rate-shopping options; comply with your domestic and international carriers; and most important, assure that packages move through your system and reach your customers at standard-setting speeds.

ProShip has become the industry benchmark for speed, carrier compliance and customer support. Providing seamless integration of shipping processes and information between the customer’s ERP system and its carrier vendors, ProShip takes multi-carrier shipping functionality to the next level. Any multi-carrier shipping system can save some money in man-hours and rating; ProShip compounds these basic savings allowing companies to realize a more visible streamlined logistics department that increases profit and customer satisfaction. ProShip offers a fully user customizable solution, with architecture to incorporate your business rules. Seasoned engineers who understand the real needs of a logistics operation developed ProShip to address your needs of companies competing in a global economy.

ProShip Software Suite answers every global shipping challenge. The Proship Software Suite is a product line that boasts seamless integration of shipping processes and information between the customer´s ERP system and all major carriers as well as 45 other domestic and global carriers. ProShip is fast, robust and multi-carrier compliant.

ProShip Server provides enterprise-wide access through your existing corporate network.

ProShip Velocity integrates shipping processes and information with your ERP system and carrier vendors.

ProShip Office is a tracking and reporting software that can be implemented as a stand-alone solution.

ProShip SDK unleashes the power of the ProShip Server to any front-end or web application.

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ProShip Autobahn is a multi-carrier shipping solution engineered specifically for customers who require SAP shipping.

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ProShip MPH is a multi-carrier shipping solution engineered specifically for customers who require shipping directly from Oracle EBS.

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ProShip Momentum is a multi-carrier shipping solution engineered specifically for customers who require shipping directly from Microsoft Dynamics.

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Harvey Software's Computerized Parcel System (CPS) shipping software provides a comprehensive, cost-efficient multi-carrier shipping system supporting seamless, multi-carrier parcel logistics requirements. CPS benefits include printing carrier compliant shipping labels, data integration options, management reporting capabilities and fast package processing. CPS' price and performance attract both small and large shippers, including many Fortune 500 organizations.

CPS Standard Edition is a multi-carrier single workstation solution that maximizes your shipping to help sell more while you save.

CPS Enterprise Edition is a multiple workstation solution with a single workstation for end-of-day consolidation.

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Clippership® from Kewill is a widely recognized and deployed multi-carrier shipping solution among shipping and logistics professionals today. Kewill solutions are attended shipping solutions for organizations managing a small to medium volume of small parcel shipments using one or more shipping stations in a single location. No matter what a company ships or where they ship to, Kewill Clippership software enables dramatically faster, more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective shipping for customers who wish to significantly improve all of the processes involved in order fulfillment while meeting the requirements of carrier compliance. Kewill's powerful Supply Chain Execution Suite provides a comprehensive portfolio of solutions to meet the demands of today's adaptive supply chain networks. Kewill's solutions are flexible, scaleable, and process orientated, enabling customers to integrate, automate, and manage all of their supply chain business processes.

  • Clippership® offers integrated shipping management with compliance for all major carriers, LTL shipping, and standard interfaces to most ERP systems
  • Flagship™ optimizes shipping logistics including domestic and international parcel, LTL, and freight shipment manifesting, document generation and regulatory compliance screening
  • Flagship Express™ is a hosted shipping solution for small to medium-sized businesses. Kewill Flagship Express takes the complexity out of your multi-carrier shipping with a cost effective solution for growing businesses, without capital investment or ongoing maintenance
  • Netship™ is the only fully integrated end-to-end desktop shipping solution for shipping expense management
  • Shipping Intelligence™ is a cloud-based solution that makes the power of business intelligence available without implementation hassles or cost, in turn helping customers bring their transportation spend under control, improving visibility and improving planning for future spends.

ConnectShip™, a multi-carrier shipping solution provider and independent business unit of UPS® works with all major carriers to interpret the rules for carrier compliance and provide rate-change information to its customers and partners. ConnectShip created the original PC-based shipping system in 1980 and holds U.S. patents for the application of client-server technology in logistics. In addition to a comprehensive suite of shipping software, ConnectShip makes available an API-based software developer's kit which allows for the integration of multi-carrier shipping functionality into existing enterprise systems. ConnectShip provides a powerful shipping engine, Progistics™, for ERP, TMS and WMS, integrated by a partner network of independent solution providers, including SPSI.

ConnectShip® Toolkit enables the deepest integration of any ConnectShip product, and provides a straightforward means for supporting shipping operations directly within enterprise, supply chain, and e-business systems.

ConnectShip® Warehouse is a client-server shipping management application designed for customers with mid- to high-volume shipping requirements.

ConnectShip® ChainLink is a browser-based shipping application. ConnectShip® ChainLink supports desktop shipping requests, customer service inquiries, and small parcel and LTL shipment manifesting.

ConnectShip® Merchant is a shipment rating engine for e-commerce and order management systems. It can be integrated into your website, customer service applications, and any other business system that needs accurate shipment rates and delivery dates.

ConnectShip® Advisor is a shipment rating application designed to assist with carrier/service selection decisions based on rates, accessorial fees and time-in-transit information.

As a ConnectShip partner we understand the value of integrating software to improve visibility, control costs, and assure enterprise-wide shipping efficiency. By working together with SPSI a ConnectShip partner, you can identify a solution that best fits your needs and makes sense for your business.

A CPTE or ConnectShip Progistics Technology Engineer is someone who has taken a formal training class from ConnectShip and passed an exam to demonstrate their knowledge of Progistics. Progistics is the core technology underlying all ConnectShip products. SPSI employs fourteen software engineers that have passed the rigorous CPTE qualifications.

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Navision E-Ship integrates the entire packing and shipping function within the Navision database. Part of Microsoft Business Solutions, Navision brings together critical financial, operations, customer, distribution, and e-commerce data into a streamlined, comprehensive solution for growing mid-sized businesses. Easy to use and maintain, Microsoft Navision helps you maximize productivity, increase customer satisfaction, and optimize service levels. Fully customizable, Microsoft Navision enables customers to build a solution to meet their specific needs, giving them the freedom to focus on their business. Companies will be positioned to increase capacity and adapt effectively to market changes without disrupting everyday operations. And at all times, they can count on the backing of Microsoft and their Microsoft Certified Business Solutions Partner.

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