Managed Services

Monitor, control, automate, report, protect.
We can manage that.

The IT universe is expanding. Devices are proliferating, networks are extending to branch offices and remote users, and solutions are multiplying. Managing such a distributed infrastructure is requiring higher levels of specialization at a time when resources are stretched across the enterprise. Increasingly, companies are selecting managed services from SPSI to bring expertise and value to their IT needs. SPSI offers managed services that are proven to reduce IT support costs, improve network performance and increase productivity. Our capabilities include:

    • Manage IT network in all locations.
    • Monitor every desktop, server and network device.
    • Control any device anytime, anywhere.
    • Protect all Windows devices with optional enterprise-class endpoint security.
    • Report to speed troubleshooting.
    • Automate more tasks with automated self-healing.

Companies can specify different levels of support, from reactive, to proactive, to complete managed services. Freeing companies from routine maintenance tasks and preventing costly downtime will help deploy IT resources more efficiently and increase productivity.


Our Proactive Management and Support Program is designed to reduce downtime through availability monitoring and immediate remediation, and improve availability. Through our NetWatch® monitoring systems, we collect and analyze performance and event data. Our network technicians are available to assist at your location, maintaining your systems and helping you attain the highest level of network availability. The Netwatch® dashboard and alert management services are also available to you for proactive management.

Services Available:

    • 24x7 remote network monitoring
    • Proactive technical support
    • Telephone and e-mail support
    • Systems analyst available 24x7 for notifications and escalation
    • Remote troubleshooting
    • Alert escalation to SPSI
    • Monthly network assessment


    • Diminished business impact from IT failure through reduced incidents
    • Improved service uptime by eliminating preventable IT failures
    • Priority response
    • Systems analyst available 24/7 for notifications and escalation
    • Proactive assessments

Services included in the Proactive Program:

The Proactive Services Program is a services plan that your IT service organization can utilize to improve service uptime dramatically by proactively working to prevent IT failures and reduce the duration of unavoidable IT failures.

    • Remote monitoring by NetWatch at the SPSI Network Operations Centers
    • Proactive review of your IT infrastructure
    • Emergency and unscheduled support at a discount rate


Availability reporting on all covered devices will be delivered each month on a prescheduled mutually agreed upon time. Executive assessment report will be delivered at quarterly intervals for a fixed price on a mutually agreed upon time.

Sample Service Agreement

Service/Solution Service Offered
24/7 Network Monitoring Yes
24/7 Access to Web-based Dashboard Yes
Availability Status & Notifications Yes
24/7 Performance Reporting Yes
Proactive SPSI Technical Support Yes
Internet LAN/WAN Connectivity Yes
Microsoft Upgrade/Patch Management Yes
Patch Level Management Yes
Stand by Network Support Yes
Proactive Reviews Yes
Stand-by Remote Troubleshooting M-F(24)
Emergency Support M-F(24)
Annual Network Assessment Detailed

IT Service Monitoring and Management

SPSI will leverage the NetWatch Network Operations Center (NOC) to provide 24 x 7 monitoring of all devices included in this agreement. The NOC Staff will also be available on stand-by to respond to any issues detected by the monitoring system when escalated by the clients' IT staff.

SPSI will conduct proactive services analyses to ensure the continued availability of these devices. The proactive work will vary from device to device, but is designed to ensure that the systems remain available at the required level. Invasive work or corrective actions will not be conducted so as not to negatively impact service availability. Issues that may impact business operations, SPSI identified corrective actions or required emergency work will be communicated to the client as required for the client's IT staff or SPSI engineer resolution. The NetWatch system and SPSI will supplement the client's IT systems remediation process.

Server Patch Level Management

Included in the monitoring service is an automated tool for patch level detection. We will then integrate with patch management and deployment tools using pre-existing administration tools.

Stand-By and Onsite Services

The Proactive Service Program includes stand-by and onsite services. SPSI will commit to having a technician available for onsite or remote troubleshooting to provide proactive supplemental IT services. These may include: user training, moving, adding or changing services, or simply helping with their infrastructure systems. The number of onsite hours included, as well as the onsite schedule, will be on an as needed basis severities, response times and applicable service billing rates.

After-Hours Stand-By Onsite Support

SPSI recognizes that clients don't always work within standard business hours. As such, we will allow the client to schedule onsite visits outside business hours, either regularly or on an as-needed basis with a required 3 business days advance notice.

Emergency and Unscheduled Services

Our Proactive Service Program also enables access to emergency support services. Should your team detect an issue with a service or device outside standard business hours that requires escalation support, you can contact the Emergency Support team to report the issue.

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