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No shipping system is an island in today’s enterprise. It must interface with the rest of your business, helping you manage productivity while also providing multiple opportunities to offer additional value to your customers. SPSI has delivered more than 250 integrated ERP solutions since 1987. Our engineers have installed and worked with dozens of ERP software applications such as SAP, Oracle, JDEdwards, PeopleSoft, Harris Data, MAPICS, BPCS, Friedman, Microsoft Dynamics and others, including many legacy ERPs and home-grown warehouse and business software. In addition to installing and supporting the most popular ERP software applications, we’ve assembled sales and service teams dedicated to SAP, Oracle and Microsoft's Dynamics software. No matter which solution is best for your business, our engineers can execute the custom programming that ultimately makes ERP installations successful.

ProShip® has certified the Express Shipping Interface LE-XSI for SAP. This SAP native integration to SAP extends customers' shipping functionality and visibility directly into SAP without the need for any custom code and provides real time shipping and tracking data access from within SAP. ProShip brings the most carrier compliant certifications from USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL and many others that don't exist in native SAP. Enterprise users will benefit from ProShip's "best of class" shipping suite without ever having to leave the SAP application.

The Proship SAP Interface has been built, tested and certified using standard SAP functionality extending the full set of features of an enterprise class shipping software in a turnkey solution. Using the existing XSI interface, ProShip allows users all the features without changing any of their existing data or business logic.

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ProShip® MPH is a native Oracle EBS Shipping Application solution. This allows shipping, rate shopping, tracking, AES Direct and more, all from within Oracle.

ProShip MPH is a multi-carrier shipping solution engineered specifically for customers who require shipping directly from Oracle EBS. This native Oracle EBS solution brings all the benefits of ProShip—fastest processing speed, most carrier compliant, exceptional support—directly into the Oracle EBS landscape. Developed with standard Oracle EBS technology, ProShip MPH seamlessly manages all your carrier rating, labeling and shipping activities. Real-time communication with the ProShip Server makes everything faster while keeping it within your network. Efficient implementation allows for configuration of your own business rules and shipping functions generating a quick return on investment.

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Microsoft Dynamics NAV

Microsoft Dynamics NAV is a business management solution for small-sized and mid-sized organizations that helps you simplify and streamline your highly specialized business processes, rapidly adapting to the unique way you do business. Microsoft Dynamics NAV provides you and your people with industry specific functionality that's relevant to the local needs of your regions of operation, even for the most highly specialized industries and organizations. Through the rapid adaptability, simplified customization, and ease of use offered by Microsoft Dynamics NAV, SPSI can easily add functionality, custom applications, and online business capabilities. Once we have selected an edition we will license the number of users who need to utilize the components. At SPSI our goal is to enable your team to be effective and your business to be competitive.

Microsoft Dynamics AX

Microsoft Dynamics AX is the complete ERP solution for enterprises that provides a purpose-built foundation across five industries, along with comprehensive, core ERP functionality for financial, human resources and operations management. It empowers your staff to anticipate and embrace change so your business can thrive. All of this is packaged in a single global solution giving you rapid time to value.

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