Expert Team


Support is everyone’s responsibility.

Because support is such a priority, SPSI has designated an entire team of professionals to manage every aspect. You may never need them all. But it should be reassuring to know that they’re here, ready to assist you in realizing optimum performance from your system.

Software Engineer: SPSI software engineers are directly involved in the installation and implementation of your system. Once it is running successfully, they answer any trouble tickets dealing with specific issues. Throughout the problem-solving phase, they are in constant contact with your designated account manager.

Account Manager: After the installation of your software, you will be assigned an account manager who will be your main contact with SPSI. Your representative will continually monitor any trouble tickets, coordinating responses with software engineers as necessary, determining the level of support needed through the SPSI triage system, and following through to confirm that the issue or problem has been resolved. In addition, your representative will keep you informed of available upgrades for your software.

Customer Advocate: You have a voice at SPSI—your customer advocate. The customer advocate acts as your liaison with our entire organization. The customer advocate oversees trouble tickets to assure that our engineers and customer service representatives are solving any problems and communicating with you. When you’re utilizing shipping software and carriers offer updates or agencies post new regulations, the customer advocate makes sure you’re aware of them. The sole responsibility of our customer advocate is to help you gain the maximum value from your system.

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